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"With ‘Multiple Views’
Robert Bosscher truly


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One day a guy enters the Swing Master record store owned by Sem van Gelder. The guy is relaxed and in his hands he is holding some CD’s which are for sale. Van Gelder puts on the record. The customers in the store sit down to have a listen. Before the first track ends the deal is made. Robert’s album ‘Multiple Views’ is a wonderful release with an outstanding line-up: Joris Teepe (Benny Golson, Chris Potter) -Bass, Billy Hart (Herbie Hancock) -Drums, Mark Turner (Brad Mehldau, Fly) -Sax, Scott Wendholt (Village Vanguard Band) -Trumpet.

The record takes off strongly with ‘Staying Real’ clearly setting the tone with East Coast-jazz. The track ‘Fierce’ especially is full of interesting harmonic and rhythmic directions. The titel-track ‘Multiple Views’ is a quite dreamy but very pretty trio-piece. In the liner-notes Robert says his album is a reflection of daily life with it’s many influences and perspectives. At the end of the album we hear those many influences and perspectives in ‘Echoes From My Mind’ and ‘Wondering’ which includes opera-style vocals.

The album’s ambience changes quite drastically here and experiments like these seem to rather fit another album. Luckily inbetween these two vocal-tracks there’s the brilliant ‘Brainstorm’ again putting the emphasis on the Quintet. With ‘Multiple Views’ Robert Bosscher truly delivers. A successful record-deal should follow up soon.

Recently Robert has recorded a new album with Summit Records at Stadium Red Studio’s.

Bart Hollebrandse

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De Telegraaf

Vier tachtigers van De Uylenburgh aan de Lauriergracht in het centrum zagen een bijzondere kerstwens in vervulling gaan. Zij kregen een jazzconcert van Robert Bosscher, een begrip binnen de internationale Jazzscene.
Telegraaf-i - 22 december 2017 - Jazzconcert-page-001

“En dit wil ik je nog even meegeven: Ik vraag je niet alleen terug vanwege je prachtige spel, maar ook vanwege de kunst die jij verstaat om een hele positieve/proactieve interactie aan te gaan met ons publiek. Dat is niet iedereen gegeven en vind ik heel belangrijk in onze huizen.”

Domus Magnus

“Robert Bosscher maakte grote indruk op de bewoners van Villa Molenenk (gemiddelde leeftijd 85 jaar). Naast zijn prachtige spel, gaat hij op prettige wijze de interactie aan met het publiek, dat hij uiterst serieus neemt. Daardoor werd de hele voorstelling een aangename beleving en een ‘tour d’nostalgie’ voor de toehoorders.”

Domus Magnus

Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Smith succeeds that cut with some more obtuse blowing transferred over from the first track just before pianist Robert Bosscher angularizes things, doing the same again in Sonny Rollin’s Blue Seven, transfusing some old barrelhouse right into the equation. Senor Blues, my favorite cut, becomes a weird but way cool alien festival sequence blending several World modes, violinist Efrat Shapira bringing things back to cognizability. I mean, everyone goes be-boppin’ nuts on this one.

Mark S. Tucker

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This multi-talented jazz pianist, composer, arranger, lyricist and vocalist is also one of the most interesting improvisers to emerge from the new guarde of younger players today-With Music in mind.

 Billy Hart (Herbie Hancock)


Robert Bosscher is a bold musician. His brevitiy is documented on Multiple Views. He composes with an old school pen and utilizes a new school band to make Multiple Views a pleasurable listening experience – Play on.

Jason Moran (Wayne Shorter)

Lucid Culture – Live Events in New York

Saturday night at Banjo Jim’s, Murphy delivered an especially intense show backed only by Amsterdam-based pianist Robert Bosscher, who proved to be the best musician Murphy’s ever played with, hands-down (and Murphy’s always been a magnet for first-rate players). Murphy’s songs are rich with bluesy melody, and Bosscher – a jazz guy playing rock and blues, and loving it – seized every opportunity.

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Roots Music Report

The celebrated bassoonist proves just as at home fronting a jazz lineup as a chamber orchestra, and provides a delightfully quirky, decidedly avantist voice to a lively set of jazz & r&b classics. His group and guest partners contribute straighter but definitely spirited work themselves, particularly pianist Robert Bosscher, guitarist Ron Jackson and violinist/violist Efrat Shapira.

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